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Capricorn Consult EOOD is a Private Investigation Service founded 2004 in Germany, thereafter you find information on the company itself and the Investigation Services offered.

We provide numerous Professional Security Services, our main business activities are Due Diligence & Background Checks on companies & individuals, Identification and Prevention of Fraud, Corruption & Violation of Company Compliance Rules. We also support your Civil and Criminal Lawsuits and assist to detect and collect evidence and indications of criminal behaviour.

We have the highest Ethical and Confidentiality Standards and we will use every legal alternative to conduct our thorough investigations. Our National and International Colleagues & Partner Network, established within the last 20 years, we are able to provide a cost-efficient and competitive Case Management in West & East Europe and many other countries.

End of 2016 we decided to move our headquarter to Bulgaria to follow the high demand for better and closer investigations in East Europe and Russia. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an individual discussion on the capability and the possibilities of our investigative services.

The Team

Thomas Kastner, the founder & owner of Capricorn Consult served 13 years as a German Police Officer and is working as an International Private Investigator since 1995, he spent one year living in the USA perfecting his English language skills. As one of the leading European Private Investigators we have solved several thousand cases in Germany and abroad.

All of our staff members are former associates of various Intelligence Services, National and Federal Police Agencies, as well as Attorneys. Through our long-time careers and foreign assignments substantial experiences have been achieved in mutiple faculties.

For individual cases our Investigator Teams will be tailor made to suit the circumstances and your needs. We have a pool of Specialists of several investigation fields, including Surveillance Teams, Criminal Technicians, IT Specialists, Polygraph Examiners, etc.

Investigation Services

Our main business activities are private investigations and due diligence / background checks. We work in Germany, East & West Europe and several other countries to assist your criminal and civil lawsuits. Our clientele includes International Corporations & Law Firms, Insurance & Re-Insurance Companies, Banks and Investment Institutions, International Security Agencies, as well as private clients.  

All of our services are available throughout the world. We are specialized providing investigation services in Europe, East Europe, Africa, and North and South America.  
These services include:

- International Asset Tracing, Due Diligence & Background Checks

- Collecting of worldwide Company Documents

- Financial & Personal Reputation Checks
- Legal Collection of Evidences or Indications to support Lawsuits
- Database, Internet & Press Searches
- International Surveillance Services
- Professional Witness Interviews
- World-wide searches for Missing or Fugitive Persons and Heirs

- International Process Serving



Capricorn Consult
Postfach 1115
65366 Geisenheim


‹TEL:  +49-(0)6722-203455

FAX:  +49-(0)6722-9460882





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Consulting Services

We give professional advice in cases including:

- Personal Threat and Industrial Extortion
- Kidnapping and Blackmail
- Counterfeiting and Patent Infringements
- Child Abduction and Child Custody Cases
- Inheritance Investigations and the Locating of Heirs

Special Services

We provide access to the following professional services:

- Forensic Examiners

- Expert Witnesses, e.g. for DNA Analysis, Handwriting Comparison, Key and Lock Investigations

- Electronic Bug Sweeps
- Building Security and Alarm Systems
- IT Forensics and IT Safety Checks
- Polygraph Examinations
- International Debt Collections
- Personal and VIP Protection

Working Areas

We are specialized and have been working successful

in the following green marked countries:

- West- and East-Europe

- North-, Middle- and South-America

- The Baltic States, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus

- Egypt, Kenya and South-Africa
- Australia, India, Thailand and Myanmar
- as well as many other countries, see map

Working Areas
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